The road to becoming a bespoke watch strap brand, Beloved by watch collectors – the top vintage community!

Among the many major watch band brands, long-time and independent craftsmen! I am extremely pleased and grateful to you for choosing our watch strap – Dohale.

With that love of watch band! What I want to bring to you is not just a set of watchstrap with rigid specifications, but what I want you to feel when owning a set of Handdn watch bands is the same as mine. Emotions merge into one with each person’s unique watch and style!


  1. Yes, that is exactly the mission of Dohale.
  2. I have now built a team of artisans who are my excellent students. To look forward to serving you even more now and in the future.
  3. I am nominally a watchmaker and passionately passionate about it. Assure you that the ordering experience at Dohaleis always the pinnacle of emotions.
  4. Order the fastest: 6-12/days.
  5. Fastest delivery by DHL : 3-6 days.
  6. Highest quality products (high-quality precision and perfect with your watch).

The best feelings (Interact with us for a bespoke experience).

You can buy Dohale products on, please check the QR-Code in the photo to go to the Dohale store on Etsy. Thanks you!

dohale strap