Omega Watch Leather Strap: The Perfect Accessory For Any Occasion

Omega is one of the leading watch manufacturers in the world. They attract more than just customers with metal band watches. Omega’s leather strap products are also items many connoisseurs of timepieces seek.

You may be wondering about buying an Omega watch leather strap. Do not worry! In this article, Dohale will bring you helpful information.

Let’s learn about Omega’s and leather strap watches with Dohale right here!

About Omega Watch 

If you regularly learan and collect watches, you must know about Omega. Omega is a high-end watch manufacturer based in the Swiss city of Biel/Bienne. Their products have a high luxury and prestige that many consumers worldwide want to own.

Louis Brandt founded this brand in 1848, named La Generale Watch Co. In 1903, the company merged with Omega and changed its name to Louis Brandt et Frère-Omega Watch & Co. It was only in 1984 that the company became known as Omega SA, and it remains to this day.

The manufacturer Omega has created many different models in its hundreds of years. Their products gained great fame after the armies of the most extensive powers in the world decided to use them.

The first army to use Omega watches was the British Royal Flying Corps. Later, the US Army also put these models into use. So, even many NASA’s Apollo 11 project members own these products.

Omega watches are exact clocks that appear at many major sporting events. The Olympics and America’s Cup yacht race are the two most prominent names among these events.

Many Omega watch models are associated with important humankind historical events. Famous models can fetch up to several million US dollars in auctions.

Today, Omega products are still among the top luxury watches in the world. Many consumers want to buy genuine Omega watches because of their beauty, sophistication, durability, precision, and reputation.

omega watch leather strap
Omega Watch Leather Strap Use Alligator USA

What Are The Benefits Of An Omega Watch Leather Strap?

Omega watches are very diverse in design and materials. Accordingly, you may be familiar with the high-class and noble Omega metal watch products. But leather strap products are also models that bring success to this manufacturer.

Their leather strap watch designs stay in style because of their aesthetics and superior features. Dohale will discuss this watch line’s most outstanding features in the section below.

Soft and comfortable

First, the reason that many people choose to buy a leather strap watch instead of a metal band is because of the comfort they offer. Omega brand leather products can hug the user’s wrist. This feature makes the watch a valuable accessory that helps hide the flaws in the wrist and enhances the user’s beauty.

Although leather watch bands are in direct contact with and close to the wrist, they usually do not irritate. People who are allergic to metal band rashes will love Omega leather watches.

Easy to maintain and clean

Next, leather straps’ easy care and cleaning nature make them attractive. After use:

  1. Wipe the band and watch the face again with a damp cloth.
  2. Allow airing dry.
  3. Return to the box.

You can also buy yourself a specialized cleaning solution for leather watches. A professional cleaning solution will help keep your expensive accessory in top condition.

Many colors and designs

The softness of the leather strap makes the watch graceful but no less luxurious. Depending on your taste, style, gender, and age, you can find the best design for you.

You can choose from various strap colors when purchasing Omega leather watches. The navy blue and emerald green straps will bring a youthful and dynamic beauty. Meanwhile, the brown and black belt makes its owner mature, dignified, and reliable.

A beautiful watch should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it must also match the preferences of the user, the outfit, and the event you attend. You can consider the product designs on the sales channels to choose genuine Omega watch straps.

black omega watch leather strap
Black Omega Watch Leather Strap

Omega Watch Strap Buying Guide 

Omega There are many different watch designs for you to find and buy. The following keywords that Dohale gives will be a buying guide to quickly choosing the most suitable watch for you.

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Each watch will be an accessory to express your personality and personal style. Omega products have many different models, and you can find the design that you like best.

Women’s leather strap watches often focus on honoring gentle and soft beauty but are also very noble and solemn. So, ladies can find a model with a thin belt and small width to highlight their femininity.

In addition, the match between the watch and the outfit is also something that female customers must pay attention to. You can rely on your taste to find the most suitable and versatile genuine Omega leather watch straps.

On the contrary, men will want to enhance masculinity and strength. Genuine Omega watch straps with large sizes will be an excellent choice for gentlemen.

When a man owns vintage Omega watch straps, he will make a good impression on the opposite person. Others will find you mature, dignified, and extremely attractive.


Omega watches can have straps made of various materials. The most famous designs use metal and leather straps. Some other cheaper models have strings made from durable nylon.


You can find Omega watches with metal bands simply and without much effort. These products can give users luxurious and extremely aristocratic beauty.

Metal bracelets for watches can be made from titanium or stainless steel. This material on the Omega watch strap replacement might be durable, waterproof, and replaceable. However, sometimes they need to be more formal and easier to use daily.


Young people will be highly fond of Omega’s nylon strap watches. They give young people dynamic and enthusiastic beauty. The nylon straps are waterproof, lightweight, and hug the user’s wrist quickly.

You can use the genuine Omega watch straps with nylon straps daily when going out, going to school, or working. These products suit many outfits but must be more formal and polite for significant events.

Young rubber

Are you a lover of sports, especially swimming, and diving? If yes, a water-resistant Omega watch with a rubber strap will be your perfect accessory.

This material is soft, has a long service life, and is impervious to water. You will never have to worry about your watch band breaking when you get it wet. They also have a variety of colors to choose from.

However, people who live in hot climates do not like this product. The rubber strap is not breathable, making the user feel uncomfortable when they sweat a lot.


Finally, leather watch bands are products that Dohale recommends. These products are not only comfortable and hypoallergenic. They also give users an elegant beauty that other materials do not have.

The genuine Omega leather watch straps have many different models and high compatibility. You can easily choose a watch product to coordinate flexibly with your outfit styles. In addition, ease of cleaning is an important feature that makes this material so popular.

Its downside is that you should keep it dry. Moreover, the leather strap may experience breakage when you use it for a long time. You will need to be extra careful when using the product.

In general, each material has different properties compatible with particular cases. Your job is to choose the design with the material that you want to use the most.

Although nylon rope is very flexible and durable, it is not the optimal choice for adults. Products with metal bands made from stainless steel or titanium can be too formal and put pressure on the person opposite you.

Therefore, genuine Omega leather watch straps are the best-selling Omega items in recent years. You can buy these products to have a watch that is both fashionable and luxurious but no less youthful and dynamic.


Choosing the watch and band color is just as important as deciding on its style. You won’t be able to wear a colorful strap watch to significant events. And conversely, a watch that is too formal will not be for outdoor sporting events.

You can opt for a strap in vibrant colors to match your dynamic activity. Moreover, bright and eye-catching colors also “tone sur tone” with the sportswear types that you will have to wear.

As for watches with metal bands, most of them are just bright white or gold. The bright white metal can give a more youthful feel, while the gold metal bracelet helps the wearer become robust and mature.

Finally, a leather strap watch has an average number of colors, but all offer the elegance that many customers seek. You can use the Omega watch strap vintage constellation for many different cases. For example, virtual meetings, going out, walking around, or everyday wear are all suitable occasions for wearing this expensive accessory.


The genuine Omega watch strap specifications are shown in length, width, and thickness.

You will not need to be too concerned about the wire length because the manufacturer has calculated to give the most reasonable distance for their products. Even people with large wrists are rarely able to use the full-size watch band.

Instead, it would help if you considered the wire width. Omega’s leather strap models typically range in width from 16mm to 24mm.

Women should use small leather straps to honor their slender and gentle beauty. The ropes that you should use will be less than 20mm wide. Men need straps 20mm or broader to look masculine and strong.

Thicker products often bring a sense of certainty to the user. But too-thick leather straps can also make you feel uncomfortably hot. Therefore, you should only buy watches with an average strap thickness for the most comfortable experience.


You should buy products with tapered ends for genuine Omega leather watch straps. These products have a larger width at the lugs, while the strap width will be smaller at the ends.

This design makes the watch more elegant and soft on your wrist, which will no longer seem clumsy or crude.

Even so, using a tapered design at the ends of the band will not make sense if you have a large watch face. At that time, the tapered strap will make the whole watch unbalanced and less aesthetic.

brown omega watch leather strap
Brown Omega Watch Leather Strap


When advising on purchases, Dohale recognizes some common questions many customers want to ask. The answers to these questions can be found in the FAQs below.

Can you put a leather strap on an Omega Speedmaster? 

Have. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a stainless steel or leather bracelet when purchasing the Omega Speedmaster. With its advantages, leather straps will still be a smart choice for you in this case.

Are leather watch straps worth it?

Sure. Although leather strap watches are usually not cheap, you will be willing to spend money on them after reading the advantages that Dohale has presented above. The comfort, durability, beauty, and simple cleaning of the leather strap will give you the best experience.

What leather does Omega use?

The Omega brand uses various high-quality leather to produce its watches. These include stingray skin, crocodile skin, and other natural leather.

Can you wear a leather watch strap every day?

Yes, you can. Leather watches are durable and elegant. It could be more formal but more sporty too. You can use your leather strap watch daily, in various activities, without worrying about its suitability.

Can I replace my Omega leather watch strap?

Yes, Omega offers a variety of replacement watch straps for their timepieces, including leather straps. You can purchase a replacement strap directly from Omega or from an authorized dealer.


Owning a luxury Omega watch has been a dream for many people. After reading Dohale’s article, you have understood more about the Omega brand and Omega watch leather strap. Lastly, the buying guides above are valuable to help you make the most thoughtful buying decisions.

I hope you get your favorite watch model soon! Thanks for reading!