Rolex Watch Leather Strap: The Ultimate In Luxury

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Are you a lover of luxury accessories that exude sophistication and style? If so, you are likely familiar with the iconic Rolex brand for luxury and prestige.

One of the defining things about Rolex watches is the leather strap, which adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the already exquisite timepieces.

As a discerning buyer, consider which color leather strap best complements your Rolex watch. Would a classic black or brown leather strap be more suitable, or would a bold and daring color like red or blue be more fitting?

In the article below, Dohale will give you exciting information about the Rolex watch leather strap and why you should choose one for your watch.

About Rolex And Their Watch Leather Strap

Rolex Watchs
Rolex Watchs

Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis were the first to lay the foundation for the Rolex brand. They started the watch business in 1905 until 1915 the company was officially named Rolex.

Rolex products are renowned for their meticulousness and precision. All of their products meet the standards of the most rigorous tests, ensuring a high-quality watch for the consumer.

The watch’s face and strap are precious materials, and there is attention to detail. They are constantly improving and developing their products. Over time, the name Rolex became an exclusive brand. They specialize in providing high-end watch products to consumers around the world.

Rolex watches are not only famous in Switzerland, the home of this business but have gained popularity around the globe.

Today, Rolex watches have become a symbol of success and luxury. All genuine watches of this brand have a very high price that only the rich can afford to own.

Types of Rolex Watches Straps

Different Rolex watch models will have other construction and material composition. The variety of materials and designs for Rolex bracelets offers many choices for consumers.

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can find many different styles of Rolex watch straps. The most popular Rolex bracelets are the Oyster, the President bracelet, the Jubilee bracelet, and the leather strap.

Oyster Band 

The Oyster is the most popular strap style for Rolex watches. You can check the last number in the band number to get more information about the material the bracelet is made of.

  1. The last digit is 0: High-grade stainless steel strap may contain an additional 904L Oyster steel.
  2. The last digit is 1: Steel and Everose Gold
  3. The last digit is 3: Steel and Yellow Gold
  4. The last digit is 5: Rose Gold
  5. The last digit is 6: Platinum
  6. The last digit is 8: Yellow Gold Bracelet
  7. The last digit is 9: White Gold.

The Oyster bracelet style appears in almost every Rolex watch collection.

You can find it in refined timepieces like the Datejust and Oyster Perpetual or sports watches like the Submariner and Daytona.

Depending on the dial styles, the size ranges from 13mm to 22mm.

The Lady-Datejust lines will have an Oyster bracelet with a width of less than 17mm, while the dive models will have a strap over 20mm.


In 1956, the Day-Date watch that Rolex launched had a new bracelet design, the President bracelet. Since then, the strap has become an iconic symbol of Day-Date models, including the Day-Date II, Day-Date 36, and Day-Date 40. This strap design also exists on some models.

President bracelet models feature the signature 3-piece semicircular links that are easily identifiable. The most special thing about this model is the material that makes them. Rolex manufactures only President bracelets in precious metals such as gold and Platinum.

Also, customers with increased financial conditions can find luxurious Rolex President bracelets made from Platinum with diamonds.


The Rolex Jubilee bracelet model was first introduced to consumers in 1945, in the Datejust collection. Initially, the material to make Jubilee strings was solid gold. But over a long period, Rolex has brought to market models of bracelets made of gold-plated steel and other steel blends.

This strap design has a complex structure consisting of 5 semicircular pieces with five links. The smoothness of the links and links on this model make the Jubilee strap watch an eye-catching sparkle.

You can use a Rolex Jubilee strap watch as an expensive piece of jewelry to combine with your outfit.

Jubilee is a combination of both Oyster and President strings. Although more dynamic than the Oyster models and more formal than the President bracelet, the Jubilee still scores points in many ladies’ eyes. They love this model because of its elegance and sophistication.


Last but not least are Rolex leather strap watches. Many people know Rolex because of the metal bracelet models. But the leather strap is also the product that brings the success of this brand.

The products of the Rolex Cellini collection mostly use leather straps. There are a total of 4 Cellini models for you to choose from. These product lines include Time, Date, Dual Time, and Moonphase, recently launched watches.

The manufacturer Rolex also launched the Daytona Beach line in the 2000s. This collection includes innovative leather strap watches in vibrant, eye-catching, highly dynamic colors.

Today, some classic Oyster models are also available in stylish leather strap versions. You can buy a genuine Rolex leather strap when you search for the brand’s Day-Date, Sky-Dweller, Daytona, and Datejust lines.

Natural leather is the type Rolex uses to create its best leather strap for watches. Most of these products are high-quality crocodile skin, bringing luxury and charm.

These bracelets will be available with the gold Crown clasp buckle pattern. So, these Rolex leather straps with buckles fit perfectly on your wrist, can easily adjust the size, and prevent it from being bounced off.

rolex leather watch straps
Rolex Watch Use Alligator USA Leather Strap

Why Are Leather Straps Perfect For Your Rolex?

Rolex’s leather strap models are less prominent than their metal counterparts but are becoming increasingly popular. Consumers’ love for this product line comes from its significant advantages.

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Diverse models and high aesthetics

The genuine Rolex leather watch straps have a very diverse number of models. So you can easily find a leather strap model that suits your taste and style.

If you are a lady, you will love the leather strap models of the watches from the Datejust collection.

These loops are small in width, slim, and highly delicate. You can choose navy, turquoise, or brown bracelets to show tenderness and youthfulness but no less maturity.

Because of their masculinity, gentlemen won’t be able to take their eyes off the many leather strap Rolex Day-Date models.

The product models have large bracelets, giving you solid and mature beauty. Black and brown tones will provide your watch with an attractive vintage look.

For those who are passionate about sports and love the outdoors, the Daytona and Sky-Dweller collection leather strap watches are for them.

You can find bright green, turquoise, pink, or yellow bracelets. These vibrant colors will accompany your colorful sportswear during these dynamic events.

Comfort and safety

Leather straps can wrap an entire loop on your wrist, unlike metal straps because of their soft nature.

You will not encounter red marks when wearing a leather strap Rolex watch.

Moreover, leather strap products also do not cause allergic phenomena for users. Many people have susceptible skin and can get a red rash when using metal band watches.

These problems did not occur when they switched to leather straps. So you can rest assured when buying a genuine Rolex leather strap to enjoy its comfort.


The variety of designs and colors of Rolex leather straps allow them to be highly versatile. You can coordinate your leather strap watch with many different fashion styles.

Vintage and classic colored leather straps will suit those wanting to build a mature image. You can find gentlemen and ladies wearing leather strap Rolex watches in black, brown, or navy blue. These colors suit both men and women in many different professions.

To look younger, you can choose from small bands in turquoise, light brown, Bordeaux, or chocolate colors. In addition, brightly colored straps often give the impression of dynamism and sportiness.

With the leather strap versatility, you can use your watch in various situations. The bracelets have a delicate and elegant beauty suitable for work days, meetings, or significant events.

Meanwhile, you can wear bracelets with sporty beauty to participate in outdoor activities.

Durability and ease of maintenance

The Rolex leather strap’s durability is also very high. Since Rolex uses high-quality natural leather to manufacture its bracelets, you won’t need to worry about its durability.

These bracelets allow you to use them for a long time, up to 3 years, without complicated care.

After use, use a soft and damp cloth to clean the loop. It would help to let the loop dry entirely in the air before storing it in the box. Occasionally, you can use a specialized cleaning solution to maintain the leather strap. This chemical will help the skin’s surface shine and look like new.

Buying Guide For Rolex Watch Leather Strap 

After knowing the information about Rolex leather watch straps, it is difficult to choose a Rolex leather strap watch. So make sure to check out our buying guide below. These keywords will be a valuable guide for making the most practical choice.

Rolex Leather Strap Watches
Matte Alligator USA Strap for Rolex


First, you need to consider your style and preferences to create a watch style you love the most. If you are a gentle and sophisticated lady, the leather strap models in the Datejust collection will certainly not let you down.

Mature and dignified men will love the Day-Date range. Some strong women can also opt for some unisex watches in this collection.

Daytona Beach includes dynamic and sporty style models. These products will be highly suitable for people who often participate in outdoor activities. In addition, if you love swimming or scuba diving, the Sky-Dweller will be the leather strap watch for you.


The color of the watch band is also an essential factor for expressing your personality.

Vintage tones like brown and black can make people perceive you as a mature and mature person. For those who want to look younger themselves, you should choose a leather strap in navy or turquoise.

Active teens will be thrilled if they own a Rolex watch with a colorful leather strap. The watch will stand out during their extracurricular activities and help them confidently express their individuality.


Usually, the length of the leather bracelet has undergone meticulous calculations by watchmakers. So you don’t have to worry about the bracelet not being long enough to wrap around your wrist.

Instead, you need to pay attention to the width of the loop. Women’s leather bands are usually narrower than men’s models.

Leather bracelets with a width of less than 20mm can highlight the slenderness of a girl’s wrist. That is why a leather strap Rolex watch can become an expensive piece of jewelry for a lady.

Loops over 18mm wide are a good choice for men. Large bracelets will make a man look strong. They will also be compatible with the large watch faces favored by gentlemen.


Rolex watches are luxury and expensive products. Many organizations have faked it for personal gain. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when buying a watch to avoid being scammed.

You can find Rolex watches at authorized retailers. When you buy second-hand goods, you need to check the information on the documents that come with the product to ensure it is genuine.


The price of a Rolex watch depends not only on the strap but also on the dial material, design style, and decision. Around $7,000 to $60,000 is typically the price for a standard leather strap Rolex watch.

Their value will be higher with unique product lines or handcrafted bracelet watches from skilled artisans. You can expect to spend a fortune to own these unique, one-of-a-kind handmade Rolex watches.


Many customers send their inquiries about leather strap Rolex watches to Dohale. Dohale has compiled the most common questions and answers right here for you.

rolex leather watch strap 1
Rolex Watch Leather Strap
alligator leather watch strap for rolex 1
Black Glazed Alligator USA Leather Watch Strap for Rolex

How much does a Rolex leather band cost? 

You can purchase Rolex leather watch strap replacement when needed. Depending on the model, this product will range from $15,200 to USD 28,000.

Second-hand strings will be cheaper than new products. If you want to buy used goods, you must carefully check the papers and cord condition. You need to ensure the leather strap is in good condition, has high aesthetics, and is a genuine Rolex leather strap.

Do leather straps fit Rolex watches? 

Sure. Leather straps make your Rolex look classic, vintage, and extremely elegant.

Some of the best leather strap Rolex watches?

There are many Rolex watches with leather straps in the collections of this manufacturer. Some best-selling products include the Rolex Submariner, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, Rolex Yacht-Master II, Rolex Datejust, or the Rolex Air-king line of men’s watches.

How much does a Rolex watch cost? 

Watches from the Submariner or GMT Master II collection will range in price from $9,000 to over $40000. Meanwhile, the Rolex Datejust costs $7,200 to $14,800 for a piece.

For customers looking for a mid-priced Rolex watch, you can check out the Rolex Oyster Perpetual, priced from as little as $5,800 to $6,150.

The Rolex Daytona and Rolex Day Date collections include luxurious designs that cost upwards of $60,000 for a single watch.

Can I change my Rolex watch band?

Yes, you can change the leather strap on your Rolex if you wish.

During the summer, you can convert the watch band into a rubber band to prevent water damage while swimming. Wearing your watch and enjoying your pool and beach vacations will no longer be a concern.

You can completely change to a metal strap if you need to attend significant events. The sturdy and shiny metal band will make you stand out in the crowd.


Rolex is a luxury watch brand that anyone wants to be able to own. Metal band watches are eye-catching and classy. However, they can be inconvenient in everyday situations.

Rolex watch leather strap models are growing in popularity because of their comfort and elegant beauty. You can choose the best watch depending on your needs, finances, and preferences.

To buy the best product, you should carefully consider the genuine watch’s style, color, size, and price.

Good luck making the best decision for you!