Alligator watch straps are highly sought for their unique texture, durability, and luxurious appearance. However, with so many available options, choosing the right alligator watch strap for your timepiece can be overwhelming.

This article aims to provide all the information you need about alligator leather watch straps, including their characteristics, choosing the right strap, and caring for it. Whether you’re a watch enthusiast looking to upgrade your timepiece or a casual wearer wanting to add a luxury touch to your style, this article is for you.

In this article, Dohale will introduce you to alligator watch straps and how to choose them.

What Is An Alligator Watch Strap?

Alligator watch bands products are straps that fix the watch face on a genuine crocodile leather wristband.

Every watch needs a strap to fix the watch face on the user’s wrist. Watch straps can be from many different materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, and nylon straps, but the leather strap is the product that many customers love the most.

This popularity comes from the unique features of the product. The leather straps are soft and easy to adjust. Users can align the strap to fit the wrist without worrying about feeling loose or creating marks. They bring classic beauty but are equally youthful and dynamic for you.

Products made from natural leather, such as calfskin, cowhide, and ostrich leather, are often more attractive to buyers than artificial leather. Crocodile skin is a highly high-quality material for watch bands compared to synthetic and genuine leather.

The majority of watch straps made from crocodile skin will be handmade products. Artisans use hand-stitching to perfect each loop. This process gives customers products with perfect beauty and individuality.

Why Should We Buy The Best Alligator Watch Straps?

Many people are willing to spend more money on a watch strap made of crocodile skin instead of other materials such as titanium, nylon, or stainless steel. They love crocodile skin because of its aesthetics, class, durability, and safety.


Crocodile skin has natural tiles and patterns with highly high aesthetics. Crocodile back leather has checkered lines with uneven ridges. In addition, the belly skin is similar to the back skin, but there will be tiny dots where the hair follicles used to be between the squares.

Watches with sharp modern designs should use crocodile back leather to make the strap. Meanwhile, the dials have a classic and soft look that often matches the skin of the animal’s belly.

Most crocodile leather watch straps are handmade. Artisans will use genuine leather from a carefully treated crocodile to create their works. Every trimming detail and stitching carefully creates the perfect belts for reaching consumers.


Farms raise many crocodiles for their skins, of which three are the most common. These leathers are derived from Caimans, Crocodiles, or American alligators.

Leather from Caimans and Crocodiles is cheaper, but their beauty is lower than that of the American Alligator. So, Dohale recommends choosing leather straps made from an American alligator to accentuate the elegance of your watch face.

Expensive watches like Hublot, Omega, or FC must have corresponding aesthetics and value bracelets. In particular, In particular, Rolex, Omega and many watches are highly suitable for alligator leather straps are highly suitable for alligator leather straps. These bracelets’ versatility and style will make you much more elegant and individual.

The Rolex dial and the alligator leather strap will become a high-value and luxurious accessory in your wardrobe.


Crocodile skin has a toughness and timeless durability that rarely other animal skins have. You will feel the soft but firmness of the crocodile leather strap when you wear them on your wrist.

When you press on the loops, you can see them sink, but the rope will return to its original state. This phenomenon is the description of the elasticity of alligator leather straps. This mark also allows you to distinguish real and fake crocodile skin.

Thanks to these superior properties, you can comfortably use the alligator leather strap. You will not have to worry about the bracelet getting marks or broken like when using other artificial leather products.

Does not cause allergies

Crocodile skin is a highly safe material for users. Because its softness won’t make you feel pain or leave red marks on your wrists.

Moreover, natural crocodile skin is not a material that can cause allergies. Prestigious manufacturers have professional leather processing processes to clean products but do not affect users’ health.

Compatibility France and the Ecosystem

The use of crocodile skin parts for bags, shoes, and watch bands should comply with CITES regulations. These skinned animals are raised on farms rather than hunted from the wild and are carefully vetted.

You can fully trace the origin of crocodile skin from the license of genuine strap products. So you don’t need to worry about legal or environmental issues when using these products.

Black Alligator Watch Strap for Omega Design by Dohale
Black Alligator Watch Strap for Omega Design by Dohale
Green Alligator Watch Strap for Ferragamo F80
Green Alligator Watch Strap for Ferragamo F80
Blue Alligator Watch Strap for Rolex
Blue Alligator Watch Strap for Rolex

Buying Guide

It would help if you considered many things to choose the best alligator watch band. The following Dohale buying guides will guide you to make the wisest decision for yourself.


You can choose the alligator leather strap to suit your watch face and wrist size. If your watch face is small or you are a girl with a small wrist circumference, the alligator watch strap 18mm will be for you.

In addition, the genuine leather watch strap stores have a lot of different 20mm natural alligator watch strap models for you to choose from. Both men and women can use these medium-sized products.

Gentlemen with large watch faces prefer 22mm or 24mm alligator watch straps. These straps can bring strong masculinity to mature men, showing their power and charm.

Design and style

Each bracelet will have unique beauty and style compatible with different watch face designs. Depending on your watch face, you can choose from a bracelet with a corresponding method and color.

The alligator watch straps for mens will have a greater thickness and width than women’s bands. The larger size gives the watch the strength and tough men want.

Crocodile leather bracelet products will have many different colors for you. You can find bands in darker colors like black and cockroach brown or lighter shades like light brown. A handful of products have a unique beauty when they have a mixture of many colors.

In addition, each part of the crocodile’s skin will have irregular patterns and scales. There are watch faces that fit on a leather strap made from an alligator tail, and some models are compatible with the animal’s belly or back skin. You can consult experts and sellers to find the best-designed product to suit your watch face.


Because of the value and rarity of alligator leather watch straps, many fakes are on the market today. These fake products look like crocodile skin and are not genuine leather. They have a beauty different from natural leather, durability, and elasticity are also less.

Even many people with experience using natural crocodile skin and experts in the field need help distinguishing these products. Therefore, you should choose to buy products from reputable manufacturers to ensure the quality of the strap.

These establishments can present product-related documents. They also allow you to do tests to ensure the quality of the strap they provide.

There are many ways you can check if the bracelet you choose is genuine leather or not. Some of the most straightforward and helpful tips are:

  • General structure: Real crocodile skin will have softness, glossy properties, and high elasticity. The longer you use the leather strap, the softer it will be and the more comfortable it will feel.
  • Odor: Real crocodile skin will have a slightly fishy smell of the swamp and from the animal’s body even though it has been treated. Faux leather will smell similar to synthetic resin and can irritate the lining of your nose.
  • Heat resistance: You may be surprised to know that crocodile skin is very heat resistant. When you put the leather ring on the fire, the genuine crocodile skin will not burn. On the contrary, if the product is a fake made from synthetic leather, it will easily catch fire, catch fire and create a burning smell. Or they will also have black smoke on the surface.
  • Reliability: Crocodiles are very durable; they are not easily peeled and frayed like products made from synthetic fuels. If the leather on the outside of your watch band is after just a short time, it’s a fake.
  • Price: Watch strap products made from genuine crocodile skin are costly. Meanwhile, counterfeit products are often much cheaper to attract buyers.

Product cost and warranty

The best watch bands should be genuine and look great and come at a price that fits your wallet. The majority of custom alligator watch straps will cost over 10000 dollars.

You should also choose products with good warranties and customer care policies. These items will give you peace of mind when using them. You can also contact the seller and supplier for free advice and exchange for any product defect.

Reviews from customers

Finally, the comments of customers who have used the product are the information you must pay attention to. These reviews will give you the most objective and detailed view of the watch strap you are interested in.

People who have made a purchase can also give you warnings if the product is branded as fake. Thanks to the reference and selection of this information, you will have the opportunity to choose the best products in your price range.

brown alligator usa watch strap for Frederique Constant
Frederique Constant Use Alligator Leather Strap
black alligator usa watch strap for Rudiger
Black Alligator USA Watch Strap for Rudiger
White Alligator Leather Watch Strap for Eterna
White Alligator Leather Watch Strap for Eterna


Many customers have left Dohale with questions about genuine alligator watch straps. Dohale wants to answer the most common problems right here so you can follow along.

Take advantage of this helpful information!

Are alligator watch bands waterproof?

No, all genuine alligator watch bands are waterproof. You can have complete peace of mind when wearing the watch in the shower, swimming, or walking in the rain. Alligator leather can get wet, but it dries quickly after, leaving no worrisome damage to your strap.

How much does an alligator watch strap cost?

The price of genuine alligator watch straps will vary depending on the design and quality of the product.

For example, a Handmade Custom leather Alligator Belly-scale Strap costs about $189.95. Meanwhile, the Handmade OEM leather Alligator Round-scale leather Watch Strap costs you only $129.95.

How to maintain an alligator watch strap?

The maintenance of alligator leather straps should be easy for everyone. You must wipe them regularly with a damp cloth to maintain shine and cleanliness. You should also not dry the watch’s leather strap but let it air-dry after wiping.

You can also use a special leather conditioner occasionally to clean the cord. This care will help prolong the life and beauty of the product.

Which alligator watch strap is the best?

When comparing crocodile vs Alligator watch straps, many experts and consumers consider the American Alligator, the most suitable animal for watchmaking.

If you have a Rolex watch face with the Rolex watch leather strap, you will want to own an American alligator leather strap to ensure the value of your accessory.

Furthermore, American alligator leather products have a long lifespan and are compatible with the broadest range of watch styles.

Navy Alligator Watch Strap with Buckle for Rolex
Navy Alligator Watch Strap with Buckle for Rolex
Genuine Alligator Watch Strap for Cartier
Genuine Alligator Watch Strap for Cartier

What are the best crocodile watch strap brands?

When buying crocodile skin watches, you need to pay attention to buying at genuine and reputable distributors. Some names that you can trust when choosing products are Vinacreations, Moran, Laforce, ALADRS, or Hirsch.

Looking for high-quality alligator strings for your favorite accessories can be a daunting task. Many well-known brands offer expensive alligator strings that can cost from $400 to $600.

However, if you’re looking for a superior option that doesn’t break the bank, Dohale is the perfect choice. Their alligator strings are made from real, handmade alligator leather and are available for only $96 to $119.

What’s more, you can customize your purchase by engraving your name on the back of the pendant or adding a buckle and other accessories.

Plus, you can enjoy a 10%-20% discount on your next single line purchase. Choose Dohale for affordable luxury alligator strings that meet your unique style and budget needs.


An alligator leather watch will be a precious and stylish addition to your accessory collection. Especially for gentlemen, the crocodile leather strap will show their style, strength, maturity, and economic potential.

Therefore, choosing the alligator watch strap that best suits your watch face shows your refined taste and social standing. Dohale hopes that you have made the most informed choice after reading the information this article gives you.

I hope you have the most beautiful and unique strap watch!