What Is Swift Leather?

swift leather
Hermes Swift Leather

The type of leather used to create the bag determines the style and aesthetics. But in fact, the most influential factor is your preferences. Perhaps understanding this principle deeply, the Hermès family has a collection of many product categories with various leather types.

In this article, Dohale will introduce one of the Hermès leathers – Swift leather. Please refer to the content below to learn more about this particular textured leather.

What Is Swift Leather?

Before being known as Swift calf leather, they were called Gulliver leather. However, it has been around for many years and discontinued in 1999. The main reason comes from the retirement of craftsmen.

However, when vivid colors attracted much attention from other fashion brands, Swift leather returned in 2005. Until now, Swift calf leather is still the primary leather type. make Hermès products.

Swift calf leather features soft, smooth hands, natural fine grain, and a semi-matte appearance. It’s smooth, grain-free like Togo, and doesn’t have grainy edges like the Epsom.

Since there is no coating on the surface of the leather, the leather is breathable, soft, and has good elasticity. Therefore, Swift calf leather is a perfect choice if you are looking for durability. Of course, the longer the time, the dull leather color can be.

But the durability is still the same as the original. You can apply a layer of leather care to the leather’s surface if you encounter a dull case.

With Swift leather, you often find it in large and small bags, alligator watch straps, or bands,… In small bags with various colors, Swift calf leather is a perfect choice. Besides, baby bags, Kelly or Birkin bags, … are becoming increasingly popular when using Swift calf leather.

Coming to the Swift leather catalog, you are not limited to a specific color. Instead, they have vintage or “quiet” colors customized on the accessories.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Swift Leather 

Here are some pros and cons of Swift calfskin leather that you can refer to.


The most significant advantage of Swift calfskin leather is mainly in its texture. Swift’s leather is semi-matte and semi-smooth. The smooth leather surface design makes you feel soft and supple.

Most leathers from the Hermès house are pretty resistant to scratches. Of course, scratches cannot be avoided. But scratches can be easily removed with just a light swipe or polish on the surface.


Although the soft leather surface feels comfortable, it does not hold the shape well. This means that with handbags made from Swift calfskin leather, if you keep it in the closet for a long time without padding inside the bag, they will be straightforward to flatten and sag.

In addition, compared to hard leather materials, Swift calf leather tends to age faster. However, Swift calf leather is still the type of leather you should own if you love the Hermès brand. You can still fix its inconveniences by polishing or preserving it more carefully.

swift calfskin watch strap for Reef Tiger
Swift Leather Watch Strap for Reef Tiger

Swift Leather Strap

As mentioned above, Swifts not only make eye-catching handbags, but they can also make some kind of alligator watch strap.

Due to its soft nature, it is popular in leather strap watches. The belt is hand-stitched in a handmade form using white linen thread and painted edges in color for added tightness and protection.

In addition, because of its soft nature, you do not need to worry about breakage. It will hug your wrist the first time you wear it.

With Swift calf leather strap, you have many options in size, shape, and color,… Whether you are a man or a woman, the Swift calf leather strap watch is the right choice if you have a passion for collecting watches. You can coordinate them with many different styles of clothes you like.

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Swift Leather vs Togo Leather

Both are equally popular, but there are quite a few differences between Swift calf leather and togo leather.


Since the surface of the Swift is smooth leather while the Togo has raised ridges and grains, it gives the impression that Togo leather is heavier. However, togo leather is more solemn than Swift calf leather.


Unlike togo, Swift calf leather can absorb dyes and reflect light quite well. Therefore, products from Swift calfskin leather have a much brighter and richer color than other types of leather.

Although they still have products with vintage colors, most are bright colors. However, if you like bold colors, Swift is still an option that you can consider. Their colors are highly diverse.


Softness often increases the artistic structure and quality of the product. However, the softer the leather, the easier it is to age. That may be why Togo has better structure and shape retention than Swift. Dohale doesn’t deny Swift’s durability. But if you compare the two types of leather above, Togo tends to be more durable than Swift.


If you’re a fan of Hermès fashion, you’re probably no stranger to the annual price increases of items from this manufacturer. Hermès catalogs are all high-priced. And speaking of the price between Togo and Swift, Swift calfskin leather products are mostly more expensive.

what is swift leather
What is Swift leather?

How Do You Take Care Of Swift Leather

Many people like Swift calf leather because it is easy to clean and maintain. With just a few simple steps, you have kept your items attached for a long time.

For everyday stains, use a soft cloth in clean water. Wring out a dry cloth and wipe it all over the stain. The dryer should not be used. You need a little detergent with soap or vinegar for stubborn stains. Use a soft brush to clean them, wipe them with a towel and let them dry naturally.

With this treatment, you can apply it to many items, such as bags and straps, provided they are crafted from Swift calf leather.


The questions Dohale shares in the section below are few. But certainly, this is a valuable source of information to help you deal with some situations that occur when using products made from Swift calf leather.

Can Hermès Swift leather get wet?

Although leather gives users a luxurious feeling when used, its price is high and sensitive to external factors such as temperature, water, sunlight, and humidity.

All these factors affect the quality and color of the accessory. If the Hermès Swift calf leather gets wet, wipe it with a soft cloth to prevent stains or bubbles from forming. It is best to let them dry naturally. Except for emergencies, you can dry it.

Is Swift leather durable?

Swift leather made from calf leather. As a result, it has smooth, soft, and durable-grained leather. The unique feature of this type of leather is that it has semi-smooth, soft-shine leather and a grainy texture that adds a unique look.

How do I know quality leather?

The steps below help you recognize quality leather

  • Check ratings
  • Ask about the origin
  • Smell
  • Feel the leather with your hands
  • Check the seam
  • Check the edges
  • Thinness test (handbag)


Hopefully, with the information Dohale provided above, you will have a deeper understanding of Swift leather and some more ways to preserve it. If you see Swift calf leather as a leather material, unique, you can consider some products from this leather type, such as bags and copper lake.

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