What Is Togo Leather? The Perfect Material for Luxury Goods

If you follow the garment fashion industry, Hermès is no longer a strange brand to you. They specialize in handmade leather goods such as bags, clothes, alligator leather watch straps, bands, and jewelry. The items from Hermès are all high-quality leather. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when it has become the leading fashion brand in the world.

In this article, Dohale will introduce you to a type of Hermès leather commonly used for crafting items – Togo leather. Please refer to the content mentioned below if you want to understand more deeply and in detail about Togo leather.

What is Togo Leather?

Togo leather is made from calf leather, so it is pretty light in weight and more accessible to keep in shape than others on the market. Hermès introduced them in 1997. Although the time of birth is somewhat late, it has become trendy and famous in the fashion world since that time.

A soft pebble layer characterizes the appearance of Togo leather. Although there is a rough, textured part, it feels smooth.

Of course, the texture is hardly the same. It depends a lot on each batch as well as the calf type. Togo leather is commonly used for Birkin because it holds and shapes them quite well. With large handbags, it requires a significant leather weight.

You can find some products, such as bags and alligator straps, made from Togo leather through the hands of craftsmen. In general, leather products are usually made in the form of hand-stitched and handmade. The colors of Togo leather items are diverse in color. However, it is most popular with vintage-style black or brown shades.

Like Epsom leather, it is the perfect choice if you’re looking for smooth, grainy, and all-weather durable leather.

Togo Leather Hermes
Togo Leather

Epsom or Togo Leather?

Both Epsom and Togo are specialized Hermès leathers. However, Epsom was born after Togo calfskin leather. These two materials have an animal origin. Scratch resistant as well as keeping shape equally well.

Not only that, but these are also the types of leather that are easy to care for and maintain. Of course, their prices are similar.

In addition to some of the similarities above, there are some differences between Epsom and Togo. If you need clarification on choosing one of the two types above, you can refer to these differences to make it easier to make a decision.


The advantage of Epsom is good color capture. So most products made from Epsom leather are brighter and richer in color than Togo. Togo calf leather products are vintage and minimalist, with primary colors like black or brown.


Since Togo calfskin leather has a slippery nature despite its rough surface, it is popular in handbags.

It is also the choice for crafters if they want to make significant capacity bags. With Epsom, due to the rigid structure and no flexible elasticity, they are mainly used for alligator watch strap or small wallets.


As mentioned above, both are highly durable and highly scratch resistant. Plus, they’re also straightforward to clean.


Togo calf leather feels rough to the touch. Although the surface is embossed, it is incredibly smooth to the touch.

This phenomenon can be viewed as an illusion while Epsom’s leather feels dry. Each type has different emotions when touched. It is also a way to help them make a difference from other types.


Both types of leather are not expensive brands, but customers love them because of their craftsmanship. In particular, it is mainly used to make Birkin bags.

Togo vs Clemence

What is Togo Leather
What is Togo Leather

Togo and Clemence are textured with durable finishes and pebbles. The color and feel to the two types’ touch are similar.

In addition, it is highly resistant to water and extreme weather. Of course, if it gets too wet with any type, it will deform if you don’t dry it in time. Hermès tanning beds are durable and easy to care for.

Besides the similarities, they also have a few differences. Visually, you will identify Togo calfskin leather with small grain with light veins, while Clemence is large grain without veins. Togo has a drier feel to the touch. Togo is supple but sturdy leather. So, it feels comfortable but not down like Clemence.

Togo is more popular than Clemence because it is light and sturdy. However, this also depends a lot on the size of the product created. More specifically, the Birkin 25cm bag does not feel heavy even when you use Clemence leather.

Each type will give us different sensations to the touch. So whether the weight is heavy or light, it is not a big deal for you to give up or choose to buy. Instead, the decision comes down to durability, style, colors, and designs you love.

How do you take care of Togo leather?

As Dohale mentioned above, Togo calfskin leather belongs to the type of leather that is easy to care for and maintain. So it will take you only a short time to do it. However, don’t just skip the steps because it’s easy to take care of your leather and keep it looking fresher for longer.


  • The storage location of the bag should be dry, ventilated, and free of odors. Stay away from smoking areas or kitchens
  • Humidity is necessary but should not be excessive. Air conditioning at high temperatures may cause the bags to dry faster.
  • If you live in a humid environment, you should consider a dehumidifier.
  • Do not leave Togo calfskin leather items, such as bags, in the closet. The leather will be deformed and cracked.
  • Tuck an extra cushion inside the bag when not in use to create room.


  • Wipe off dust and stains with a soft cloth before polishing
  • The cleansing cream or gel can get into the grooves with Togo calfskin leather. So use a soft brush and polish several times in those places.
  • Use protective leather spray
  • If the leather is worn, you should go to the Hermès Spa. They will replace the metal handles if they wear out.


Refer to some related questions below for a more in-depth look at Togo leather.

Orange Togo Leather Hermes
Orange Togo Leather Hermes

Is Togo leather good?

Togo calf leather is the better choice. Of course, every type of leather will appear old and scratched after prolonged use. But with Togo, you can’t see it clearly because its texture is cobblestone with visible veins. In addition, Togo calf leather is durable and easy to maintain.

What does Togo leather feel like?

Togo is one of the popular leathers of the fashion brand Hermès—soft pebble leather made from calf leather, smooth texture with a vertical venting surface to the touch. While the exterior doesn’t have too much prominence but instead has a vintage look, it’s lightweight and holds its shape well.

Which leather is best for Hermès?

Togo leather is often used for Hermès fashion products because of its durability and natural pebbles. Most Togo calfskin leather is found mainly in Hermè’s large and small handbags, but you can still find it on straps made from this leather.

Until now, Togo calf leather is still evolving with Hermès fashion.


Hopefully, with the information Dohale provided, you will better understand Togo calfskin leather. The above content is a little, but surely, it will help you know about The essence of Togo leather. From there, you will learn how to use and preserve Togo leather products longer.

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