Saffiano Leather: A Favorite Among Fashion Connoisseurs

Appeared on the market for a long time, but a few users still do not understand the Saffiano leather origin and its usage.

Since then, there have been inaccurate assessments of its characteristics and quality compared to others on the market. So what is Saffiano leather specifically? What is its more outstanding features than the current model?

In this article, Dohale will help you understand its upsides and downsides and how the experts prep this leather. Continue reading for more details!

What Is Saffiano Leather?

what is Saffiano leather
What is Saffiano leather?

Saffiano leather is a type and pressed, textured, and created by the traditional stamping method from the skillful hands of the craftsmen. With an impressive finish, this leather quickly becomes the go-to choice of many fashionistas worldwide. It makes fashion items more attractive and luxurious.

After the finishing layer, the lower is mainly made of calf leather, PU leather, or vegetable leather. It helps the overall product feel more solid and sustainable.

Compared to many industrial leather lines today, Saffiano leather is more prominent by its elegant appearance and impressive durability. It can last many years to meet your usage requirements well. So is Saffiano leather? Saffiano leather is not dyed leather.

The artisans have meticulously used rosin to give its finish a brighter shine for an attractive look. And it is also the perfect method for preserving the quality of the leather for many years, helping to resist the adverse effects of the environment.

Origin of Saffiano leather 

Saffiano leather originated in Italy, invented by Mario Prada and Martino in 1913. It is tied to the challenging start-up story of both.

With a passion for leather goods, the two decided to set up and operate their first leather goods store, Fratelli Prada, full of handbags and accessories. Produced by hand and meticulously by skilled workers, the store’s products initially took a lot of work to find and approach customers.

However, with its inherent capacity and unremitting efforts, Fratelli Prada has successfully become the leading choice of consumers of the aristocracy. Because of that, handmade goods are also available from there.

The two continuously research and test different types to develop their careers further to boost profits and provide a perfect user experience. As early as 1913, the two teamed up with a leading leather factory to establish a unique pressing method.

After successful testing, around mid-1913, the first Saffiano leather bags were born. With its elegant design and impressive durability, the Saffiano leather bag immediately became famous globally and was the first choice of European royalty.

Up to now, Saffiano leather designs have always kept their place in the hearts of consumers. The same unique leather quality makes each product more memorable. It makes the wearer more luxurious and attractive.

mario prada
Mario Prada – The father of Saffiano leather and the Prada fashion empire.

Benefits of Saffiano leather

What makes Saffiano leather so outstanding? Let’s take a look at the benefits of particular types below!


Featuring a natural turpentine finish, Saffiano leather offers excellent resistance to everyday scratches. The masking does not readily see even the more significant scratches of the unusual diagonal pattern.

In addition, this type of leather also has the good waterproofing ability and limits the negative influence of the sun. It helps extend product life to meet your usage requirements better.

Compared to Togo leather, Saffiano leather is still said to guarantee the best overall. It gives a sturdy, non-soft form that goes through many uses. From there, walking in a crowd helps you look more luxurious and attractive.

High aesthetics

In addition to the unique criss-cross texture, Saffiano leather possesses a specific luster. It makes the bags incredibly sexy, making anyone who sees them will be attracted.

With the handcrafted Saffiano leather line, the gloss is much higher than the machine-made synchronously. Every detail is surprisingly sharp and meticulous, making the finished bag much more beautiful.

Good waterproof

Saffiano leather works well in light rain. The surface allows a small amount of water to pass through but cannot wet it. But don’t be so subjective. You should still cover the bag carefully in the rain.

Easy maintenance

With a quality outer shell, Saffiano leather effectively prevents dirt. It limits the accumulation of plaque or dirt over long periods of use. To maintain the shine, you should still clean it regularly with a soft cloth.

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Saffiano leather
Saffiano Leather

Production process 

The production process of Saffiano leather is complicated, following many different stages. Below is reference information on how to produce.

Prepare the leather

After finding the correct type of leather, the craftsman will carefully clean it, removing impurities on the surface. Based on the desired size, it will be cut according to the use requirements to obtain the best quality product.

Heat up

The next step is to warm up the leather. The leather needs to be heated to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius to make it easier for the subsequent pressing process.

With the handmade method, the leather will be placed in large pots at the right temperature to soften the finished surface.


To create a unique diagonal pattern, artisans usually take about 15 – 30 minutes to prepare a metal mold of the correct size. Please put it on the finished surface and soften it, combined with tremendous pressure beside the above. It takes about 1-2 days, and we will get the desired texture.

Compared with machine-made products, this manual method gives better results. Textures printed on the surface are sharper and more regular.


Finally, apply the finish to the product. Usually, artisans will use a special wax for the surface of the leather.

For lower-quality Saffiano leather, natural turpentine may be the first choice. At this stage, the requirements are high on the worker’s skill. If you are inexperienced, it will most likely damage the surface of the Saffiano leather.


Is Saffiano leather good?

It is a suitable type that you should use. With a high-quality finish, this leather offers good resistance to everyday scratches, effectively waterproofs, and blocks the adverse effects of the sun. From there, it helps maintain the life of your product.

With handmade Saffiano leather, there will be more attractive quality and appearance.

What is Saffiano leather made from?

Genuine Saffiano leather is mainly made from calf leather. It helps bring beauty, elegance, and sophistication.

Many Saffiano leather lines today are often made from low-quality synthetic leather. So, to avoid buying a poor-quality product, you must carefully inspect it. Buy products from reputable suppliers.

What is the difference between Saffiano leather and regular leather?

Saffiano leather is better than regular leather in every way.

It has a beautiful appearance and perfect durability and can last decades to meet all your usage requirements.

Does Michael Kors use natural Saffiano leather?

Yes. Michael Kors handbags in Saffiano leather. It has a youthful look and long-lasting durability, worthy of your top investment. Every detail on the body of the bag is carefully and meticulously sewn to help bring elegance and nobility to the user.

Does Prada use Saffiano leather?

Yes. Saffiano leather is the iconic material of Prada. In other words, the brand’s traditional leather line appears in all the manufacturer’s fashion products.


Saffiano leather has a durable texture and is handcrafted using a unique pressing method. Leather is resistant to water, scratches, and the sun effectively. Compared to many types of industrial leather today, Saffiano leather is more worthy of investment.

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